That Place on the Cliff


House Hunters.  Watching that show is my favorite ritual right before bed.  I pop on the TV and take a journey with people searching for homes in the U.S. and abroad.  I find it soothing and entertaining to see parts of our country that I’ve never been to as well as how people live in other parts the world.  Then I invariably gag because a six bedroom mansion with an ocean view in Costa Rica costs the same as a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan with a view of a brick wall and a family of rodents.

Although it’s a reality show, House Hunters is also comedic.  Invariably, the husband wants to live in the city in a loft-like apartment with exposed beams and a view.  He wants to spend no more than $500,000, wants all of the upgrades, and doesn’t want to do any work.  The wife wants to live in a traditional two story home in the suburbs, thinks they can spend up to $750,000 and is open to doing work.  The realtor is in a pickle.  How can he satisfy both of them?  They will have to compromise, he warns them, especially given their budget and the limited number of properties available.  Could it be that the show is fictionalized?*  I mean, how many couples can possibly be in this identical bind?*

Last night’s episode was more humorous than usual.  In it, a husband and wife from Chicago, together with their 18 month-old daughter, were looking for a house in Grenada where the husband was going to attend medical school.

That’s it. That’s the funny part.

That was terribly mean of me.  I’m sure the medical school in Grenada is fantastic.  And that wasn’t actually the funny part of the episode.  The actual  funny part came when the husband and wife were recapping the three properties they had seen and were discussing the pros and cons of each.  Of the third property, the husband said “That place on the cliff seems like the perfect place to live‏.”  Really?  With an 18 month-old child, the “place on the cliff” seems “perfect”?  Maybe you had to see it, but trust me when I tell you that it was literally on a cliff.  The backyard looked like an infinity pool and just beyond the edge was a long drop into the sea.  I hope this guy exhibits better judgment as a doctor.**

*Rhetorical question.

**They didn’t end up taking the “place on the cliff.”  I’m sure they were never even considering it and that the guy has excellent judgment.

What do you watch before bed?  Do you find House Hunters as amazing as I do?  Interestingly, I’ve never correctly predicted which house the family will choose.  There’s a one in three chance that I will be right and I never am.  How’s that for odds?

8 thoughts on “That Place on the Cliff

  1. all so true and amazing. Can you watch the show I just worked on next – tiny house nation? I’d love to hear your recap of that 🙂

    1. Is that the same as the show I call “Tiny House Hunters”? I’ve seen that and it FREAKS ME OUT! Not that there’s anything wrong with the production, of course. 🙂 I just panic at the size of the houses. I would die.

  2. As an avid HGTV viewer and general enthusiast of House Hunters and Love it or List it (btw I have a great drinking game to play while watching Love it or List it) I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post. I too find the show hilarious and quite amusing. Have you ever seen Tiny House Hunters? If not, prepare to wear your Depends. Anyway, I think I found the formula for increasing your percentage of correct house picking. I find that the house that seems most suitable usually does not get picked and then by process of elimination or just 50/50 luck I try and guess the winning house. It’s not an exact science but I have been known to guess correctly a few times. Although there is always that couple that just screws everything up.

    1. Ooooh, I like a drinking game! My problem is finding someone to play with. I’ve seen Tiny House Hunters and it FREAKS ME OUT. I’m going to try your suggestion for picking the winner on HH. I’ll let you know!

  3. I can’t watch that show, it makes me nervous. Seriously. Whats the other show fix or flip it. Maybe since we fixed, flipped and flopped. I just think everyone should get exactly what they want, where they want, when they want it. But I will try to watch again. Also, i was a wreck when we had the pond and the kids were little. I thought no one would let their kids come and play. It definitely worked out but with much attention.

  4. Anna, love hearing your voice on your blog. You are a great daily dose of funny. If you like the comedy of House Hunters, you should trying Buying Alaska….some homes for over $1,000,000 that literally have no indoor plumbing. With even more interesting couples. The added bonus is that it makes you feel good about Manhattan real estate values. Hope to see you in Manhattan!

    1. Thanks Dina! I’ve seen Living Alaska (I think) but not Buying Alaska? How could anyone spend that much money and not even have a toilet? It makes me feel spoiled and also make me think there’s something wrong with those people.

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