A Little Political Satire

Inspired by and based on “What Comes Next” from Hamilton:


They say

It’s warm in December ‘cause G-O-D wants it that way



They think we should all carry guns, even inside Pre-K


They’re so mad

When someone has facts to support the ideas that they have


Now we all want to move

Winnipeg in winter is better

This is not just bigly it’s uuuuuuge


What comes next?

Should we leave?

Do they know what it entails to lead?


They won the race

Awesome. Wow.

Do they have a clue what happens now?


Oceans rise

Fascists fall

We must remember not to drop the ball


We’ll be back – 2020

When the repubs say “You’re fired!”

Don’t come crying to the Ds


Da da da dat da

Dat da da da

Da ya da

Da da dat da

Da ya da…

I’m not with Him…